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Spectranet hello ip offers superior quality international calls at rates that will blow your mind.
So now reach out to all without worrying about what it will cost!

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US, Canada All + UK, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden Fixed Lines

China, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand All + Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Norway Fixed Lines

UK & Europe Mobiles (France, Germany, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Poland, Spain,Sweden), & Australia & New Zealand & South East Asia Mobiles (Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, S Korea)

Asia(Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Mongolia) + Africa( Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Angola, Zambia) & Middle East(S Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Cyprus, Jordan)

Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina,Venezula, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peurto Rico, Panama

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