What is Spectranet hello ip?

Spectranet hello ip is a VoIP service launched for Indian users by Spectranet, with this service users from India can make international calls to mobile and fixed lines for prices as low as 1 paisa  per second.

Can I make calls within India using Spectranet hello ip?

No, this service is applicable for international calling from India.

How can I get to know the calling rates of Spectranet hello ip?
Please click here for calling rates.

If I travel abroad, can I use Spectranet hello ip service to call back to India?
No, this service is strictly for calling outside of India from India.

Can I get quaterly/yearly subscription?
Yes, you can purchase quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Are there any subscription charges for using Spectranet hello ip?
No, there are no subscription fees. Spectranet hello ip is a prepaid service.

Are there any connection charges while making a call using Spectranet hello ip?
No, there are no connection charges.

How does Spectranet hello ip compare with other telephone services?
Spectranet hello ip offers incredibly cheap international calls at rates that are 10 to 15 times lower than conventional costs.

About Spectranet

Spectranet is India’s fast growing internet services provider, and the preferred choice for broadband services.

The world around us is increasingly governed by the development of internet. Everything is becoming digital and quality of internet has an impact on everything we do and the way we live. Spectranet as a fast growing internet service provider is committed to enhancing the lives of its consumers by delivering the most amazing internet experience.

As India’s first fiber internet service provider and having served enterprise and home consumers now for over thirteen years, Spectranet has grown to deliver the most amazing internet experience to its consumers today. 

Spectranet is focused on revolutionizing three business lines

  1.             Connectivity and data solutions for Business and Enterprise customers
  2.             Broadband services for Homes
  3.             VoIP and Voice Services

  All Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience) home consumers are among the top 1% of internet users in India who enjoy speeds of more than 10Mbps! Naturally, that makes Spectranet the network of choice for thousands of delighted customers in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. 

With its all new and revolutionary Business Internet Access (BIA) products Powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience), Spectranet has re-invented the enterprise offerings to deliver an unfair advantage of abundance to its business customers. 


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